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Nikki Voice
Nikki Voice

Location: Mesa, AZ, United States
Description: Neo Urban Soul with fragments of earth from this new upcoming artist. Nikki Voice bares all in her upcoming album, 'My Soul Capacity'. If your soul is in need of moving, here is a dose of holistic medicine for you!
Biography: Born in the back woods of Florida, I remember strutting around my grandmother's house singing songs that I made up in my head before I could really read. When all of the other kids would laugh, I would tell them that if they kept laughing at me, I wouldn't let them be in my music videos when I grew up. I was singing my songs, wearing my halter top, snapping my little fingers and reciting lyrics passionately into a hairbrush. In my mind, I was a star already....

In Junior High, I had a crush on a twin named Damian. In an attempt to show off for him, I tried to showcase my talent in a classroom recital. During my last bar, someone made a noise and it startled me and I stuttered. Everyone started laughing at me. At first, Damian wasn't laughing, but then he chimed in with the others. I ran away. I saw him later in the schoolyard with his boys. He mouthed 'Sorry', but said it in a manner that his boys couldn’t see. I didn't write again for a long time....When I DID started writing, I kept them to myself....I had poems published in small readings, but would only write anonymously.

At 16, I started dancing for local groups in Phoenix, Arizona. We opened shows for Jeffrey Osborn, D30 Ice, Ice Cube, etc. I later formed my own group and we gained a lot of local recognition. I wrote a song called, ‘Jammin’ and Alex Santiago featured our single on Power 92 fm, Arizona’s then most prominent radio station. Shortly after, one of the main group members moved back to Puerto Rico, and the group fell apart. My writings went back in the box. Years later, my husband found my notebook of poetry. He told me he’d read them, and thought they were really good. He tried to encourage me to publish them, but I was embarrassed. He said he planned on sneaking to submit them for publishing to surprise me. I then secretly bound all of my volumes and hid them.

It was in 1998, when my son experienced prejudice for the first time. He was going to a parochial school, and was one of three people of color in his entire grade. He was being picked on due to his skin color, and wanted to reject his nationality. I was heartbroken, and outraged at the same time. To keep from losing my temper, and being radical vocally, I went home and wrote my heart out. I called my mother and read 'Dirty Color' to her, and waited in silence for a response. She didn’t speak for awhile, but when she did, her voice was cracking. I believe the first word that she uttered was, ‘Wow”! I knew that she was moved. That was the last time that I would be afraid to write.

Let's fast forward to 2008. I'm much older now, much wiser. I’ve endured many struggles. I’ve had the privilege of laughing until my face ached. I don't even remember Damian's last name anymore, or the faces of the kids who'd once laughed at me. I’ve given birth to a marriage that I’ve also put to rest. I reared the Nation's Future King, and have instilled in him that he is to take his place as the natural leader of his pack. I've loved myself whole heartedly. I even know what peace smells like; specially scented after a rain. Now I think it's time for you all to close your eyes and feel ME....Take this journey of action of all of the verbs that I am to be. In listening to my first solo album, 'My Soul Capacity', find sanctuary and solace while you close your eyes and welcome 'The Rebirth'.

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